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From preparing the field on Bellemeade Avenue to helping kids go to their rightful spots, Ryan did all he could to help the event go smoothly.

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But in the middle of keeping track of swings during the Home Run Derby, he was called away to help with something away from the field. Shortly after, Ryan returned and Donovan went back to sitting right next to him watching intently and waiting patiently for his turn in the Pitch-Hit-Run contest that was set to follow.

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A special father-son moment that he won't forget anytime soon. He loves having fun," Ryan said. He just loves to be out here competing with his buddies.

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Donovan competed with other kids his age in the Pitch-Hit-Run event. Hitters and pitchers were scored based off of accuracy while the run part of the event was timed on the speed it took to get from second base to home.

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Winners of each event in the different age groups and a combined winner will compete in a regional round at a date and place to be named later. While it was technically a competition, it was friendly and fun for everyone involved.

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The kids laughed and joked with each other through every round and got to catch fly balls while the older kids took their swings in the Home Run Derby. It wasn't just the little kids who had fun, either. Saturday's event kicked off with the Home Run Derby which saw several members of the 14U Evansville Bearcats compete against each other.

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The Bearcats are in their first year as a travel team. The derby came down to a swing-off between three players to see who would have bragging rights.

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Garrett Stoldt knocked three out of his five swings out of the park in the playoff round to advance to the regional. He wasn't sure exactly what to expect when he came to the field but he left feeling rather excited. It's just fun to be out here playing the game.

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Even as the day came to an end, friends from the 10U and 9U Leathernecks were still running around the field and playing pitch and catch with each other. They weren't ready to head home just yet. Ryan couldn't help but crack a smile when seeing how happy Donovan was to be there with his friends. It's special seeing them grow up. These are lifelong friendships," Ryan said.

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