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Upon arrival, tickets may be purchased at the door. Please note, attendance is limited to 90 guests per hour.

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At the door admission may delayed for up to one hour during high-capacity periods. Yes, we will have live butterflies in free flight amongst visitors in our showroom May 8, to September 6, An additional 50 at the door tickets per hour are available for purchase with no convenience charge. All tickets start on the hour, providing up to 45 minutes visiting the butterflies and 15 minutes experiencing the rest of the conservatory.

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We are limiting total tickets per hour sold to allow for social distancing and more intimate experience with the butterflies. Visit the online ticket platform then select Friends of Krohn tickets.

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Call with any membership questions. In accordance with CDC guidelines fully vaccinated people can attend without wearing a mask. Temperatures will also be taken for all guests over age 6 at check-in. Yes, we will be hosting 90 people per hour to experience the butterflies. All tickets start on the hour, providing half an hour visiting the butterflies and half an hour experiencing the rest of the conservatory.

Japan america society of greater cincinnati

In order to accommodate more guests, new hours of operation are 10am to 8pm. We will be happy to find a new timeframe if this happens, possibly even the same day if available. Otherwise, we can find available time another day or refund admission. Yes, our restrooms and all seating will be cleaned each hour. Frequent touch points will be disinfected after each customer.

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Krohn will also have an online Gift Shop where guests can purchase souvenirs before their visit and pick them up as they exit the conservatory. We have spread cooling units throughout the butterfly show room and palm house to lower the summer temperatures.

We normally have volunteers help with the operation of our Butterfly Show. See below for our only plant sale dates and the special blossom available each week while supplies last. Krohn Conservatory opened in and is located in Eden Park. The land in the park used to belong to Nicholas Longworth and he called it his Garden of Eden.

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The conservatory has many features in a style called Art Deco that was very popular in Plants in this house include microscopic algae in the pools, tiny mosses and liverworts covering the moist rocks, and ferns and seed plants springing from the soil.

Abouttypes of plants have been identified in the world. Botanists estimate that there are at least 50, more species to be discovered.

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A tropical rain forest is recreated in this house. Precipitation in such a forest may total inches yearly, as compared to 40 inches annually in Cincinnati. Tropical plants must quickly shed water from their leaves in order to prevent harmful growths of bacteria and fungi. Look at the trees overhead and note that many of the leaves covered with a water-repelling wax surface.

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Sometimes the shape of the leaf will allow water to drip off easier. Most of the plants in this house are from desert regions that receive less than 10 inches of precipitation rain a year. That is one-fourth of the yearly amount that falls in Cincinnati.

So how many inches of rain do you think we would get in Cincinnati?

Many desert plants have accordion shaped ridges so that the plant can shrink during drought and expand when the rains come. Orchids range widely over the world, living everywhere except in deserts and on glaciers. The shortest species is one-quarter-inch high with flowers one-hundredth-inch in diameter. The tallest freestanding orchid is 45 feet high with flowers 6 inches in diameter.

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Perfume manufacturers seeking new fragrance chemicals frequently analyze the floral scents of orchids. Seeds of the vanilla orchid provide a popular food flavoring. Mostly, however, orchids have been extensively cultivated for the enjoyment of their blooms, leading to the production of numerous horticultural varieties. Bonsai pronounced bone-sigh is a Japanese term for woody plants that have been creatively miniaturized.

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The art of making bonsai originated in China about 2, years ago and is now practiced throughout the world. Bonsai are kept small through pot confinement along with branch and root pruning. Wire wrapped around branches holds them in place until they grow into desired shapes.

In addition to hosting five seasonal floral shows, this house contains a permanent citrus tree collection. Among the trees here are orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, and kumquat. Though the exact locations of origin of citrus trees are not known, it is believed that they began to be cultivated around 8, years ago in Southeast Asia.

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Krohn Conservatory. Frequently Asked Questions. Will there be live butterflies again this year? What are Reserved Time Tickets versus at the door sales? Can I buy tickets in-person at Krohn? How do I obtain tickets as a Friends of Krohn Member? Will face masks be required? How many people will be in the showroom at one time? Our showroom will be limited to 90 people at a time per hour.

Cincinnati, oh

Is there a limit to the time I can spend in the showroom? Once I have paid for a ticket, can I leave and come back? What if I miss my pre-purchased reserved timeframe? Will there by specific cleaning procedures for Krohn during the Butterfly Show? Will there be photography nights this year?

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Yes, but unfortunately they are sold out. Is the Butterfly Show temperature controlled this summer?

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Do you need volunteers to staff the Butterfly Show? Do you have map for where I can park and walk in? The railings in the front lobby have pictures in the metal that is an art deco style. FERN HOUSE Plants in this house include microscopic algae in the pools, tiny mosses and liverworts covering the moist rocks, and ferns and seed plants springing from the soil.

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Ferns reproduce by spores that look like bumps on the back of the fern fronds or leaves. Calendar of Events. Explore More Explore More. Experiences Get Started. Events Get Started. Reservations Get Started. Explore More.

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Get Started.

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Cincinnati is suitated on the north side of the Ohio River and across the border from Kentucky.