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Middle holocene climate oscillations recorded in the western dvina lakeland

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Google Scholar. Gauthier, E. Mazurkevich, A. Luoto, T. Peyron, O. Kotrys, B. Brooks, S. Nazarova, L. Syrykh, L. Dolbunova, E. Thiebaut, E. Antczak-Orlewska, O. Kittel, P. Mroczkowska, A. Need Help? Support Find support for a specific problem in the support section of our website. Get Support. Feedback Please let us know what you think of our products and services. Give Feedback.

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Get Information. Open Access Article. Emilie Gauthier. Andrey Mazurkevich. Tomi P. Odile Peyron. Bartosz Kotrys. Stephen J. Larisa B. Liudmila Syrykh. Ekaterina V. Eva Thiebaut.

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Olga Antczak-Orlewska. Piotr Kittel. Krygowskiego 12, Poznan, Poland. Petersburg, Russia. Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Taxa are grouped according to summer temperature and lake depth preferences. Exaggeration is with a three times multiplier. Lithology: 1—sand and gravel with organic mud and plant detritus; 2—coarse detritus gyttja; 3—carbonate sandy organic mud; 4—peaty organic mud with sandy admixtures. Lithology: 1—sand and gravel with organic mud and plant detritus; 2—coarse detritus gyttja.

Skulls with an arrow indicate the depth of the skeleton deposition. The arrows at 4. Although extensive archeological research works have been conducted in the Serteya region in recent years, the Holocene climate history in the Western Dvina Lakeland in Western Russia is still poorly understood. The Neolithic human occupation of the Serteyka lake—river system responded to climate oscillations, resulting in the development of a pile-dwelling settlement between 5. In this paper, we present the quantitative paleoclimatic reconstructions of the Northgrippian stage 8.

The reconstructions were created based on a multiproxy Chironomidae, pollen and Cladocera approach. The summer temperature revealed only weak oscillations during 5.

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A more remarkable feature during those events was an increase in continentality, manifested by a lower winter temperature and lower annual precipitation. During the third, intermediate oscillation in 5.

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It is still unclear if the above-described climate fluctuations are linked to the North Atlantic Oscillation and can be interpreted as an indication of Bond events because only a few high-resolution paleoclimatic reconstructions from the region have been presented and these reconstructions do not demonstrate explicit oscillations in the period of 5. Keywords: paleolimnology; lake sediment; multiproxy reconstruction; 5. Introduction Neolithization processes in Central and Northern Europe were mainly caused by climate fluctuations, especially during the period between 8.

The cold event in 8.

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The rise of temperature in Northern Europe in ca. In the Central—Western European territories, the expansion of Linear Pottery Culture communities appears to coincide with wet and relatively warm winters and cool summers [ 1 ], which was also supported by quantitative paleoclimatic studies. Paleoclimatic research is less developed in Eastern Europe compared to the western part of the continent [ 291011 ].

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Thus, the paleoclimatic background for archeological discoveries on Mesolithic and Neolithic cultures in Eastern Europe is still insufficient. Good qualitative data, unfortunately, the temperature reconstructions are not available for the following publication: Tallinn region Estonia [ 12 ], Myshetskoe-Dolgoe Lake in Moscow [ 13 ], Lake Kenozero [ 14 ], Ukraine and Belarus [ 1516 ]. However, plant communities in the area reveal a lagged response to short-lived temperature oscillations that might have been crucial for human settlement, which made it possible to adopt different nutritional strategies at different times.

Aquatic invertebrates are more reactive and sensitive to short-term changes in temperature than plants [ 17 ]. Chironomids Chironomidaea midge group within the Culicomorpha Diptera infraorder, have short life cycles and respond sensitively to climate changes with a decadal resolution [ 18 ]. Their development is strongly influenced by environmental conditions [ 1920 ].

The characteristics of Chironomids, namely species diversity, short life cycles, and sensitivity to environmental conditions, make them one of the most reliable proxies for summer air reconstructions [ 1821 ]. Although the summer temperature is crucial for vegetation in temperate to boreal biomes, and influences the economy of the Neolithic communities, precipitation also determines primitive agriculture as well as a hunter-gatherer subsistence strategy.

The effective long-term precipitation may be estimated from changes in lake level [ 22 ]. Alongside chironomids, small crustaceans of the order Cladocera are very sensitive to lake level fluctuations, as many of the Cladocera taxa are planktonic [ 2324 ]. Therefore, cladocerans can be successfully used for water level reconstructions [ 2526 ].

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These microcrustaceans also indicate changes in the trophic status of lakes, including human—environment relationships [ 27 ], lake levels [ 28 ] including overbank episodes in floodplain areas [ 2930 ], and climate change [ 3132 ].

The Holocene lake level changes are very well documented for Eastern Europe. In the case of the East Peribaltic Region, lake levels and climate wetness were recorded from Northern Poland [ 333435 ] and Baltic States [ 3637383940 ]. Currently, the entire Holocene sequence from the East European Plain can be found in as many as 50 lake records [ 4142 ].

From Eastern Europe quantitative reconstruction have been made from pollen-inferred paleotemperature and precipitation at Mshinskoye raised bog and Lembolovskoye Lake [ 43 ], Bobrovichskoe and Oltushskoe Polesye [ 44 ], Upper Don [ 45 ] and Myshetskoe-Dolgoe Lake [ 13 ].

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Chironomid-based mean July air temperature reconstructions are available from Nikolay Lake [ 47 ], Lake Medvedevskoe [ 48 ] and Lake Glubokoye [ 4950 ]. One of the important regions in terms of East European paleoclimatology is the Western Dvina Lakeland Western Russiawhere the terrain relief was formed after the recession of the Valdai Ice Sheet [ 51 ]. This region was considered crucial for studying the development of human settlement [ 52535455 ]. The Neolithic occupation in this area began at ca.

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The pile-dwelling settlement existed in the region during the Middle and Late Neolithic period between 5. The existence of Neolithic communities in this part of Europe was based on a hunter-gatherer subsistence strategy.