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Francis R. At age fourteen, after his father's death, he quit school and took a job as a clerk in a hardware store. He later pursued a business career in South Carolina and then in New Orleans, and continued his business activities when he moved to Texas in Sarah E. Black Porter, the widow of a Presbyterian minister, in ; and then, after his second wife's death, to Lou Scott in


Texas Governor Francis Richard Lubbock records,undated, bulk. The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an ing of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; ing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state.

The office of the governor of the state of Texas was created by the Texas Constitution of It superseded the office of the president of the Republic of Texas upon the annexation of Texas by the United States. The Constitution defined the term of office as two years, with no more than four years served in a six-year period.

The governor was required to be thirty years old at minimum, a U. The Constitution outlined a of powers held by the governor of Texas. The governor acted as the commander-in-chief of the army, navy, and militia of the state unless they were transferred into service under the federal government Article V, Section 6. He could call up a state militia to "execute the laws of the State to suppress insurrections, and to repel invasions" Article VI, Section 4.

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The governor made recommendations to the legislature and provided written information on the state of the government Article V, Section 9. He could also convene the legislature when necessary and adjourn the legislature in the case of a disagreement between the House and Senate Article V, Section 8.

Francis richard lubbock

The governor had the power to grant reprieves and pardons in criminal cases except those of treason or impeachment, and to approve or disapprove bills, orders, resolutions, or votes from the legislature Article V, Sections 11, 17 and The governor also appointed supreme and district court judges and an attorney general with the consent of two-thirds of the Senate Article IV, Sections 5 and The Constitution also created the office of secretary of state, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate for the governor's term of service.

The secretary of state worked closely with the governor, and was required to "keep a fair register of all official acts and proceedings of the governor" Article V, Section It called for the election of a lieutenant governor at the time of the governor's election with the same qualifications and term of office, but to be voted for separately by electors.

The lieutenant governor served as president of the Senate and could cast a deciding vote in ties, as well as take on the governor's powers in his absence or until a new governor was elected and qualified or the governor was able to office Article V, Section The Constitution further called for the biennial election of a state treasurer and comptroller of Lubbock s by the legislature, with vacancies to be filled by the governor Article V, Section However, a constitutional amendment in allowed the public election of the state treasurer and comptroller.

The constitutional dating defining the office of the governor changed marginally with the Texas Constitution ofwhich was written when Texas seceded from the United States to the Confederate States at the onset of the Civil War. The Constitution of arose out of the Constitution of with certain amendments made during the Constitutional Convention of richards These amendments were intended to bring the Texas constitution back into compliance with United States law.

He was also granted the power of the item veto on appropriations and to convene the legislature outside of the state capital if necessary. Another constitutional convention took place in under the Reconstruction Acts ofultimately producing the Constitution of McKay, "Constitution of ," Walter L. Buenger, "Constitution of ," and S. Lubbock was born in South Carolina on October 16, ; he clerked in a hardware store and managed a cotton warehouse before he became a druggist in New Orleans in He claimed to have sold the first barrel of flour and the first sack of coffee in the village of Houston.

After clerking in the House of Representatives in the Second Congress of Texas, he was appointed comptroller of the Republic.

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He became the district clerk of Harris County inand bought a ranch near Harrisburg in Lubbock was elected lieutenant governor in and governor in Among his actions were the mobilizing of a frontier regiment of cavalry against hostile Indians, the modest expansion of industrial resources, and the sale of U. His interpretation of conscription laws made every able-bodied man between 16 and 60 years of age liable for military service. He did not run for re-election, preferring to the Confederate Army as a lieutenant colonel in November In he ed Jefferson Davis' staff, and was captured with him in May Upon his release he returned to business in Houston and Galveston.

He was tax collector in Galveston for three years, and state treasurer As state treasurer, he was an active member of the Capitol Building Commission. Lubbock wrote his autobiography Six Decades in Texas in He died in Austin on June 22, The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state elected by citizens every four years. Francis Richard Lubbock served as governor from November 7,to November 5, Types of records are correspondence, proclamations, petitions, appointments, resolutions, broides, receipts, messages to the legislature, letterpress copybooks, orders, vouchers, and lists, dating from to and undated, bulk Materials are mainly Lubbock's records as governor of Texas, but also include a few letters dating from his service as a lieutenant colonel in the Confederate States Army and as state treasurer.

The majority of the records consist of incoming letters which relate primarily to Confederate military affairs in Texas. Some of the general topics dealt with include personal requests and petitions for exemptions from military service, reports of inadequate coastal and frontier defenses, reports of Native American depredations, military orders and reports regarding troop engagements and transferals and supply reports, requests to raise and command military companies, requests for arms and ammunition, reports of s of volunteers, letters relating to the sale and shipment of cotton, letters related to Military Board business, and letters related to the purchase of cloth from the State Penitentiary.

Included with the correspondence is a file of vouchers approving payments for services performed for the state. Bee, J. Benjamin, John S. Besser, John M. Crockett, George Flournoy, General P. McCulloch, General J. Bankhead Magruder, J. Quintero, T. Waul, General William G. Webb, and C. Copies of the majority of the governor's outgoing correspondence can be found in the three letterpress copybooks.

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A separate volume containing printed orders and newspaper clippings for the periodand miscellaneous correspondence forundated, is included. A portion of these materials, dating and undated, has been seperated from this collection due to its predominately unofficial nature and is more fully described in a separate finding aid: Francis Richard Lubbock correspondence.

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Certain types of correspondence that appear consistently and frequently throughout the records have been omitted from the folder level description, including records related to appointments and removals of civil officials and the taking of oaths of office, general letters of introduction, and correspondence that acknowledges or inquires about the receipt of other correspondence. Some of the descriptions of individual items were taken directly from notes made on the back of the records, likely by a secretary around the same time that the letters were received.

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In the past, items relating to the State Penitentiary in Huntsville were removed from the records of governors, secretaries of state, treasurers and comptrollers to create an artificial collection of records relating to the penitentiary. Items related to Native American affairs may have also been removed from the records. In addition, the original order of the records was disrupted when they were sorted by date. As a result, letters or petitions that were enclosed in other letters may have been separated from their original context.

Certain items listed in the detailed description of the records were not located as of April 18,as noted. Letterpress copybooks are extremely fragile and may not be photocopied.

The scrapbook containing orders and clippings is fragile; copies must be made from existing photocopy. Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted.

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State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. Copyright remains with the creator.

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The researcher is responsible for complying with U. Copyright Law Title 17 U. The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Most of these records have no accession information. Lubbock on March 22, An accession was ased for control purposes in April Wood, May Finding aid converted from EAD 1.

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Repository Browse List. Accessing Materials Described Here.

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Materials are mainly Lubbock's records as governor of Texas but also include a few letters dating from his service as a lieutenant colonel in the Confederate States Army and as state treasurer. The letterpress copybooks have been digitized and are part of the Texas Digital Archive.

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