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Planning - or even rescheduling - a wedding date can be heaps of fun. We've also looked at when the moon is full, the annual equinox dates and more. Before you start thinking about dates, definitely take some time to speak with your favorite venue s.

There are lots of romantic and logistical reasons for picking a certain date but, generally, having the right venue for your needs trumps a potential date. Alternatively, be open to booking far in advance or working with your venue's availability if you feel ready to get married right now! Let's dig into the reasons why couples pick certain months for their celebrations, so you can find the month which works best for your needs.

January represents a new beginning. January 1st, New Years Day, is exceedingly popular as it's a day for feasting in many cultures. In Scotland, it's the luckiest day of the year! And, for Brazilians the color of your underwear on this day can bless the entire year or marriage. For those not already in the know: Pink brings love, yellow brings prosperity, and white indicates peace and happiness.

How to pick a date for your wedding

For those interested in major holidays, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day falls on January 18 and the new Presidential term begins on January In Januarydays are around 9. With weather in January is typically crisp and changeable making the likelihood for spectacular sunsets extremely high.

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Groundhog Day on Tuesday, February 2 is a delightful day to get married if you want to imagine repeating your perfect day forever! Tuesday, February 16 is Shove Tuesday, also known as Shrovetide. In olden time Irish culture this was the most popular day of the year for a wedding according to lucky folklore. That means that many people who like to condense their anniversaries choose this date and combine their engagement and wedding date. In Februarydaylight lasts from just over 10 hours to just over 11 hours on average, and sunset happens between 5pm and 6pm.

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Couples generally choose brunch to early afternoon ceremonies in February or say their vows at sunset. Save for St. Holi festival is in March and the festival of color is the perfect reminder that spring is in the air!

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Did you know that Holi is also known as the Hindu festival of love? Spring equinox also known as the vernal equinox falls on Sunday, March 20, meaning this is an auspicious day as it als the coming of spring which is packed with ideas around new life and new beginnings. On this date, day and night are equal which has a lot of beautiful symbolism for balance.

Expect around 12 hours of daylight in March.

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As the clocks go forward for most states on March 13, you can prepare for sunset just after 6pm or just after 7pm. National puppy day is on Tuesday, March 23 - ideal if you want to incorporate your favorite four-legged friend into your ceremony.

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Our final word about a March wedding - it's the most popular month to get married in Texas! The beginning of April is full of holidays this year and also ties in with spring break for many school districts, meaning many people are available on every day of the week. Easter comes early inlanding on Sunday, April 4. The first weekend of April is also the final four weekend for March Madness - a favorite weekend for basketball fans and a great opportunity to bring your favorite sport into your event.

Thursday April 22, is Earth Day which creates the perfect date for an eco friendly wedding. Sunset happens at around 7. May is a popular month for weddings worldwide due to the mild spring weather across most of the US and bloom of seasonal flowers. It is also an action-packed month in Choosing Kentucky Derby day is the perfect way to encourage big hats at your wedding and bring extra color to your celebrations. If members of your family are in the service, then choosing Armed Forces Day Saturday, May 15 is the ideal way to recognize their sacrifice. Sunset occurs at around 8pm in May and the moon rises at about midday.

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The famous golden hour for photography is later in the day; also at 8pm, ideal if you wish to complete a set of daytime, golden hour, and evening portraits. Expect around 14 and 15 hours of daylight in May June is always a wonderful month for weddings. The beginning of the month kicks off with the tail end of 3-day weekend which means many guests will already be pumped to party with loved ones. The summer solstice is on June 20 - the longest day of the year is an incredibly popular time to get married and obviously evening ceremonies are exceptionally beautiful as they're flooded with warm evening light.

Sunset in June occurs at around 8. Summer evenings are also a gorgeous time for outdoor ceremonies and, every now and then, you'll be able to capture the sun and moon in photos during blue-sky afternoons. School districts often close for summer vacations in June and July - making it a great time for any teachers or couples who intend to have lots of children participating in their celebrations. Independence Day falls on a Sunday this year, so many guests will be celebrating during the first weekend of the month.

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Due to the day of the week, many employers will also close offices the following Monday, July 5. This is perfect if you want to incorporate USA-Day celebrations into your wedding. We love the idea of a BBQ for your late night feast as your party winds down. With picture-perfect weather in most of the country each July, your wedding portraits are bound to be bright and beautiful. Taking the dance floor outside or bringing in yard games - maybe a classic croquet match? Expect National Kissing Day is Tuesday, July 6 - we just want to put that on your radar! Ten percent of all weddings happen in August - it's a popular time of year for those who love a sunny summer day.

Friday the 13th falls in Augustso avoid this weekend if you are superstitious. Conversely, according to Jewish traditions, the 13 symbolizes the bonding of many into one, making it the perfect day for a bride and groom to celebrate their love. The luckiest day of the year for Chinese culture is Sunday, August 8. A double eight in your wedding date doubles the joy. The is is reflective of power, abundance, and success. Many also say the shape is reminiscent of an infinity symbol making it the perfect symbol for a long-lasting marriage.

During ramadan, every night is a ‘date’ night

An eight is a perfectly symmetrical shape—you could cut it in half in any direction and the halves will always mirror one another. Expect 13 to 14 hours of daylight on a typical day in August Sunset is usually between 7. In you plan to sit outside around a firepit with your wedding guests then you should know that Thursday, August 10 is National S'mores Day. Official Bow Tie day is on Saturday, August 28 making it perfect if your groom and his friends are dressing up with a traditional dinner jacket and accessories.

Sunday, August 1 is Friendship Day which bodes well for starting your new life with your best friend! Extremely popular across much South Asia, now is a wonderful time to add International Friendship Day to your lexicon and celebrate with all your friends. A lot of couples like to get married on a relevant birthday. An ideal choice if you want to keep your anniversary date front of mind. You may not know, but September consistently contains the most birthdays of any month of the year.

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You'll have noticed that the weather in September is typically balmy regardless of your location which makes it a strong choice for indoor or outdoor celebrations. The autumn equinox on Wednesday, September 22 means that evenings will begin to draw in. This makes for excellent atmospheric evening photos throughout September and October.

Expect sunset between 6.

Cherry blossom season!

Sapphire is the birthstone for September making it the ideal color for weddings 'born' during this month. While jewel colors have been on trend recently, sapphire is especially beautiful as deep blue works for everything from bridesmaids and groomsmen accents to table linens.

Bouquets combining deep blue hyacinths or hydrangeas with forget-me-knots look fresh and eye catching. Since forget-me-knots are the official flower of the month, these tiny light-blue blossoms are an ideal way of showing your true love that they're always on your mind. Columbus Day falls on October 11,and Halloween lands on the 31st. The sun dips at around 6pm and disappears by 6.

Daylight lasts for The Sweetest Day — yes it's real - is on Saturday, October 12, If 'sweet' makes you think of candy then you're in luck as the bulk of all candy sales are in October each year, so you can pick up a bargain for a self-serve candy station at your wedding. Sweetest Day founded in actually recognizes making a sweet gesture and is the perfect day for huge romantic declarations!

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Still on the sweet-tooth theme, Pumpkin Spice is released earlier and earlier each year can you believe it was August this year?! Consider cinnamon as your wedding flavor with Pumpkin Spice sachets as guest favors, and latte-color linens which look fantastic next to claret.

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To take it to the next level introduce a Pumpkin Spice White Russian as your ature wedding cocktail: Rim a glass with graham crackers, them mix 1oz vodka, 1oz pumpkin spice coffee creamer. The end of November is prime time for the holiday season, kicking off with Thanksgiving on November If you can, aim for scheduling your wedding towards the beginning of the month to avoid any conflicts with Thanksgiving-related travel plans. Of course, you can maximize time with family if you decide to tie your wedding together with Thanksgiving.

Couples who get married in November are happiest according to a study by the University of Melbourne. To make sure your relationship is happy, implement these four tried and tested activities to keep your love strong forever: Do small things, often, to make each other smile, talk deeply for at least 10 minutes per day by asking questions and listening, stay active by making your routine never become humdrumand be open about your expectations.